I have crafted my masks out of treasured quality designer fabrics. These fabrics are pieces I have saved from the many bespoke dresses, jackets and suits I have designed and made for my clients made over the past ten years.

These repurposed fabrics are woven from natural fibres; the patterning, colour and texture make my masks a pleasure rather than a pain to wear. Comfort is also a must. I have fused the front and lining with a breathable high-quality interlining to ensure softness against you face. All fabrics have been pre washed to avoid shrinkage.

To assure comfort around your ears I have hand cut straps from soft lycra that secure the masks around your head or ears.

For any local orders please call 0413466263 to arrange sale and collection.

How to adjust your masks

To assist please review my video on how to fit my masks.


Please note the facemasks are not medical grade and do not stop airborne particles but will aid with day-to-day movement and preventing you touching your face when shopping for essentials.